Which eyelashes suit my eye shape?

In order to offer something for everyone we provide lashes of varying shapes  and fullness. Whichever of the types of eye shapes you have, here are our recommendations on the eyelashes to choose to best enhance and frame those gorgeous eyes of yours!

Round Eyes

Round eyes have amazing dimension! Enhance this depth further by avoiding very thick false lashes, which could overwhelm your lash line and make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, look for wispy and winged eyelashes. Creating a gorgeous cat’s eye shape will open your eyes out even more.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are sultry and mysterious. Flaunt that mystique by really emphasizing your natural shape, with lashes that are long in the center and taper at both ends. Combine long and short lash lengths in this way, precisely layered to create the illusion of depth. 

Monolid Eyes

Lucky you – monolids are an open canvas! However, although you could create a crease with any lash style, we would recommend shying away from really dense lashes that could make your eyelids appear weighed down. Instead, get the drama you’re looking for with a lighter, crisscross design such as our Au Naturale and Luxe eyelashes, paired with winged eyeliner to subtly emphasize your lash line.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are the most universal shape and are blessed with versatility – a wide variety of eyelashes will work for you. However, the best lashes style is one that takes full advantage of your catlike stare: voluminous lashes with winged ends! Pick the Dreamer or Iconic all reusable eyelashes styles that will create exceptional drama and mystery.

Upturn Eyes

Upturned eyes are another incredibly versatile eye shape, since they are very similar to almond eyes except with an upward lift at the outermost corner. Lash maps that gradually increase in length towards the outer edges, in a classic winged shape, will best emphasize this upward flick. Try a catlike lash map and give your eyes a beautiful extra lift that you didn’t even know you were looking for!

Downturn Eyes

Downturned eyes are that captivating, vintage-esque shape you see on all of the movie starlets from the 1920s. Eyelashes that are too dense and heavy will only highlight the downturn, so for a more modern look, stick with lashes that are wispy and natural-looking. To give your outer corners a helpful lift, try our Dreamer  eyelashes – these have the criss-cross lash designs that are best described as ‘spiky’. With the longest lashes at the center of the eye, they provide a subtle all-over lift to your entire eye.